Superstitions of Gambling

Players who have associate with gambling mostly do believe that superstitions tend to be real. Superstitions sometimes can be related to as stories told by our grandparents. Whether it is just fiction or with fact, we cannot deny that superstitions influence a difference in us making decisions.

Bad Luck

Players that often gamble have a very popular superstition is that you do not put your hand on other’s shoulder. This is a very well-known superstition and you will most likely hear it during the Chinese New Year. Another famous superstition is that if you break a mirror, it is considered to be seven years of bad luck. This was a saying that it represents your soul being broken along with the mirror.

Good Luck

When there’s the bad, there’s always good. Ever wonder why we must wear the colour red during Chinese New Year? Yes, it is part of a superstition that the colour red represent happiness, fortune, and good luck. Therefore, wearing red to purchase your lottery ticket will also help you draw luck and money towards you. One of the most famous saying, when you witness an accident. People tend to purchase the number plate of the accident vehicle. It is likely that the number will appear in the draw.

How to Pick A Number For 4D Lottery

There are a few ways to pick a set of numbers to play lottery. One of the common ways that people like to choose numbers that the feel lucky to. Players find it more satisfying instead of just picking random numbers. But some of the lottery enthusiast have a different approach when it comes to picking numbers.

Good Old Classic

One of the ways is to utilize the traditional lucky numbers. If you have notice, if I would ask you to pick a lucky number from 1 – 10, the chances of you saying 7 is very high. Statistically, the number 7 is the most popular lucky number in the world.

Finding Your Lucky Number

Other than that, another alternative is to go for your personal lucky number which resembles a part of you. A number that brings personal meaning to you. For example, your birthday month, date or even year could be your potential lucky number.

Discover Numerology

You can utilize numerology to calculate your lucky number. For instance, you list down all the alphabet from A – Z and put number 1 – 9 respectively on each alphabet in a loop. Then, you can list down some names or objects which have personal meanings to you. This way you could generate a series of numbers that could potentially be your lucky number. 

How to Increase Your Chance of Winning the Lottery?

We all know that the chances of winning any lottery are usually very minor. The probability of winning the jackpot is one in millions, statistically. But there are a few ways to increase your chance of getting prize from winning the 4D lottery.

Mix the Numbers Up!

The 23 set of numbers drawn are usually a mix of odd and even numbers. (E.g. 8367, 8923, 6332) Usually there will be a mixture of two odd numbers and two even numbers. There are rarely set of numbers that are all even or odd numbers. Therefore, if your lucky number consist of all odd or even number. You should probably consider changing the numbers to increase the chances of striking a prize.

Persistency Is the Key

Secondly, be confident in your set of numbers. Lottery winners invest long term in order to win the 4D prize. As the amount is completely under your control, you can bet on how much you could afford. Lottery enthusiast will buy the same number every session of the 4D lottery, which are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Research Brings Result

Thirdly, you can check the 4D number history to know what numbers are the hottest to hit the 1st prize. You must always research on the numbers you choose, does it have a record of hitting any prize on the 4D history. Hence, if your numbers have a good record of hitting prizes on lottery. You should probably stick to the number as it has a good probability that it will be forecast again.