How to Pick A Number For 4D Lottery

There are a few ways to pick a set of numbers to play lottery. One of the common ways that people like to choose numbers that the feel lucky to. Players find it more satisfying instead of just picking random numbers. But some of the lottery enthusiast have a different approach when it comes to picking numbers.

Good Old Classic

One of the ways is to utilize the traditional lucky numbers. If you have notice, if I would ask you to pick a lucky number from 1 – 10, the chances of you saying 7 is very high. Statistically, the number 7 is the most popular lucky number in the world.

Finding Your Lucky Number

Other than that, another alternative is to go for your personal lucky number which resembles a part of you. A number that brings personal meaning to you. For example, your birthday month, date or even year could be your potential lucky number.

Discover Numerology

You can utilize numerology to calculate your lucky number. For instance, you list down all the alphabet from A – Z and put number 1 – 9 respectively on each alphabet in a loop. Then, you can list down some names or objects which have personal meanings to you. This way you could generate a series of numbers that could potentially be your lucky number. 

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