Origin of 4D

The 4D game originated from Kedah in 1951 with evidence during a trial in Singapore Court in 1956.

 4D lottery is an evolution from a story that a schoolboy raffles his bicycle for 100 $1 tickets, each containing 2 digits combination. The winner will be the one who have a matching number with ticket drawn. This is the start of the 2D lottery which slowly leads to the birth of 3D and of course 4D which is a popular betting option in Singapore and Malaysia during the 1950s.   

Why 4D Lottery Are Loved By Many?

One of the main reasons why many like to play 4D lottery is how effortless it is to participate in the game. Individuals who are interested can just join the game by choosing the 4D number ranging between 0000 – 9999 and place the bet amount. With no experience and learning required, players can participate anytime.

Secondly, the affordability of the game. Players are in full control on the amount they want to bet. Hence, it will not be a huge expense because the amount placed is 100% of the players’ preferences. With any amount, players will still feel the thrill when the results are forecasting.

Thirdly, players can take this as a stress relief game without spending a huge amount of cash in other games. By taking this as a source of entertainment or investment, players will not have a huge loss as the amount is completely adjustable.