Superstitions of Gambling

Players who have associate with gambling mostly do believe that superstitions tend to be real. Superstitions sometimes can be related to as stories told by our grandparents. Whether it is just fiction or with fact, we cannot deny that superstitions influence a difference in us making decisions.

Bad Luck

Players that often gamble have a very popular superstition is that you do not put your hand on other’s shoulder. This is a very well-known superstition and you will most likely hear it during the Chinese New Year. Another famous superstition is that if you break a mirror, it is considered to be seven years of bad luck. This was a saying that it represents your soul being broken along with the mirror.

Good Luck

When there’s the bad, there’s always good. Ever wonder why we must wear the colour red during Chinese New Year? Yes, it is part of a superstition that the colour red represent happiness, fortune, and good luck. Therefore, wearing red to purchase your lottery ticket will also help you draw luck and money towards you. One of the most famous saying, when you witness an accident. People tend to purchase the number plate of the accident vehicle. It is likely that the number will appear in the draw.

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